Your roof stands as the silent guardian of your home, protecting it from harsh weather conditions and external wear. Like any other aspect of your home, your roof too requires regular maintenance and timely roof repairs to stay in optimal condition. One often overlooked but crucial aspect of roof maintenance is repointing. But how do you know when it’s time for a repointing job? Let’s delve into the signs that indicate your roof may need repointing and why it’s an integral part of roof repairs.

1. Understanding Roof Repointing

Repointing is the process of renewing the external part of mortar joints in your roof. Over time, weathering and decay cause voids in the joints between masonry, allowing the undesirable entrance of water. Repointing helps in preventing such situations.

2. Visible Cracks in the Mortar

Inspect the mortar between your roof tiles regularly. If you notice cracks or gaps, it’s a clear sign that repointing is required. Ignoring this could lead to more extensive roof repairs down the line.

3. Loose or Missing Tiles

Loose tiles are often an indication that the mortar holding them in place has weakened. Repointing can resecure these tiles, preventing leaks and potential damage.

4. Dampness in the Attic

If you notice dampness or water stains in your attic, it may be due to failing mortar in the roof. Repointing can often solve this problem before it necessitates larger roof repairs.

5. Powdered Mortar in Gutters

Finding remnants of mortar or a sandy substance in your gutters is a sign that the mortar is deteriorating and repointing may be necessary.

6. Frequent Need for Roof Repairs

If you find yourself frequently patching up leaks and addressing other roof issues, it might be time to consider repointing as a preventative measure.

7. Aesthetic Appeal

An uneven or visibly deteriorating roof can take away from your home’s aesthetic appeal. Repointing not only ensures functional roof repairs but also maintains your home’s visual harmony.

8. Moss and Lichen Growth

The presence of moss and lichen on your roof could mean that there’s enough moisture seeping through the cracks in the mortar to support their growth.

9. Age of the Roof

As a rule of thumb, if your roof is over 50 years old and hasn’t undergone repointing, it’s a good idea to get an inspection done.

10. Neighbor’s Roof Repairs

If you live in a development where houses were built around the same time and you notice neighbours engaging in roof repairs and repointing, it might be an indicator that your roof requires attention too.

11. Frequent Water Leaks

If you notice recurring leaks, especially after a heavy rain or storm, it could be due to weakened mortar joints. Repointing serves as a proactive step in your roof repairs routine to prevent such leaks.

12. Increased Energy Bills

A compromised roof can lead to poor insulation, causing your heating or cooling systems to work overtime. If you notice a spike in your energy bills, it might be time to inspect your roof for repointing needs.

13. Sound Insulation Issues

If you start hearing external sounds more clearly, like traffic or rain, it may indicate gaps in your roof that need repointing.

14. Safety Concerns

Cracked or eroded mortar can compromise the structural stability of your roof, posing safety risks. Regular inspections and timely roof repairs, including repointing, can mitigate such hazards.

15. Expert Opinion

Sometimes, the signs might not be overtly visible. Having an expert conduct regular inspections can help detect the need for repointing before it becomes a major concern.

Roof Repairs and Repointing with Renewed Roofing

Understanding when your roof requires repointing is crucial to prevent extensive damages and costly roof repairs. At Renewed Roofing, we bring expertise, precision, and commitment to every job.

Benefits of Timely Roof Repairs and Repointing


Regular maintenance, including repointing, can extend the life of your roof significantly.


Addressing issues promptly can save you from hefty repair bills in the future.

Aesthetic Appeal:

A well-maintained roof adds to the visual appeal of your property.

Energy Efficiency: Ensuring your roof is in top shape can contribute to energy savings.

Prioritise Roof Repairs and Repointing

Proactive attention to your roof’s needs, including timely repointing, can save you from facing extensive roof repairs later. Not only does it ensure the longevity of your roof, but it also contributes to the overall safety and aesthetic of your home.

If you’re in need of roof repairs or suspect your roof may need repointing, don’t hesitate to reach out to Renewed Roofing. Our team of experts in Brisbane is dedicated to providing top-notch service tailored to your needs. Contact us today for a consultation and give your roof the care it deserves.