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Tile v Metal Facts

Concrete roof tiles are an affordable choice.

Concrete roof tiles are one of the most affordable roofing products on the Australian Market

Terracotta roof tiles are offered with a colour for life warranty.

Terracotta roof tiles are made from 100% natural earth materials and as such, offer a lifetime colour guarantee and unparalleled aesthetic

Roof tiles won’t corrode or rust.

Roof tiles are rust and corrosion resistant which means they are suitable for installation in Australia’s harsh coastal environments.

Concrete roof tiles are affordable with a 50 years  manufacturing guarantee.

This means that for a period of 50 years your concrete roof tiles are guarantee to remain structurally sound*.

Roof sarking improves solar reflection.

Sarking acts as a thermal barrier, reflecting up to 95% of radiant heat away from the roof space. A roof combining sarking and roof tiles can achieve an R value of 1.5, further reducing the need for artificial cooling and energy use.

Monier tiles

Monier Roofing

Monier tiles offer innovative designs and award winning craftmanship. Their concrete tile range strengthens with age, has superior thermal performance and better colour performance. Their terracotta range has colours that last a lifetime and noise reduction capabilities with superior thermal performance as well.

Monier tiles also feature C-LOC colour technology, which has an 8x better colour performance than metal roofing. Concrete tiles are the most economical roofing material on the market. Just like concrete bridges and the structural elements of buildings, concrete tiles get stronger with age. Concrete tiles are tested to withstand the harsh Australian weather and come in a wide selection of colours and profiles to suit any style of home.

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Monier Cambridge in Soho Night
Monier Roofing
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Monier Roofing

Bristile tiles

Bristile Roofing

Bristile tiles are award winning tiles that are renowned for their high-quality craftmanship and state-of the art designs. The tiles come in both concrete and terracotta in a number of stylish designs to complement any home. They also offer outstanding thermal performance and energy savings which makes them a perfect choice in combating the Australian heat.

For almost a century, Bristile Roofing has delivered stylish and innovative roofing products for Australian homes. Bristile is now one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of roof tiles and the exclusive Australian distributor of La Escandella premium-quality clay roof tiles from Spain.

Robin Dodd’s Roof Tiling Excellence Award High Commendation 2021:

Boral Shingle Sydney Red

Bristile Roofing

Robin Dodd’s Roof Tiling Excellence award WINNER 2022:

San Damiano College, Queensland

Bristile Roofing

Boral tiles

Boral tiles

Boral has an extensive range of designer ceramic, terracotta and concrete roof tiles manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions. We offer roofing solutions to suit almost any style of home.


The Designer Ceramic range is elegant and shaped for design flexibility. Uniquely striking, with colour integrity and low maintenance. These state of the art tiles offer an exclusive streamlined look, with minimalist textures that compliment a modern home.


Boral Designer Ceramic and Terracotta tiles are manufactured using carefully-selected clays that are kilnfired to temperatures of 1100°C, resulting in a strong yet lightweight roofing material of exceptional quality. The outstanding colour performance is achieved through the firing process known as vitrification. Clay and glaze materials fired at high temperatures melt and fuse together resulting in a finished tile resistant to harsh UV exposure.


Boral concrete tiles are manufactured using an extrusion process resulting in the utmost strength and density. After moulding and colouring we apply a sealant finish that protects against efflorescence, a salty white deposit that can form on masonry and concrete products.

Robin Dodd’s Roof Tiling Excellence Award High Commendation 2020:

Boral Shingle Sydney Red

Boral tiles

Gutter Guard

Gutter guard is a premium aluminium mesh that sits in the gutters to prevent leaf litetr and debris from building up in the gutters. It is highly recommended for bush fire prone areas, particularly rural and regional areas or suburban homes that have high rates of debris build up/trees surrounding their property.